About us

Where coffee meets sustainability and great taste

Welcome to ALTimpact Coffee – where exceptional coffee meets positive impact. Founded in the Bay Area by a husband-wife team, we're committed to consistency, quality, and meaningful change.

In 2021, ALTimpact emerged from a coffee passion journey, rooted in hands-on experiences like roasting and importation insights. Our vision is clear: introduce exceptional coffee while making a positive impact on customers, farmers, and communities.

Every ALTimpact sip is a curated experience from ethically sourced beans and precision roasting, showcasing our dedication to the art of coffee.

At ALTimpact, great coffee begins with responsible sourcing. We work closely with farmers worldwide, fostering long-term relationships based on fair prices and sustainable practices. Our commitment extends to investing in the lowest carbon footprint roaster – an all-electric, software-driven precision marvel designed for consistent quality roasts, minimizing emissions.

Proudly roasting your coffee fresh upon order, ALTimpact ensures the freshest, most flavorful coffee experience. Choose ALTimpact Coffee for a blend of quality, sustainability, and a positive impact.

Celebrate the perfect blend of flavor, sustainability, and community impact with ALTimpact Coffee. Join us in a lifestyle where each cup elevates your day, supporting positive change for our planet and communities. Savor the difference and experience joy with ALTimpact Coffee. Cheers!

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Need to reach us? Send us a message below or e-mail us at info@altimpactcoffee.com